Data Backup

Standard Data Backup includes finding as much of your personal data as possible, saving it, and restoring it to your computer. Detailed information from you as to what programs you use and rely upon are vital to a successful data backup. We are not omniscient and cannot know which programs you actively use or what non-standard locations you may have chosen to store your data. Multiple user profiles can require double the effort for us. Typically this will be a one to two hour labour charge except in rare circumstances.**

If you are in Sooke, Langford, Metchosin, or Jordan River, and need your computer files backed up, we're ready to serve you.

**Data Backup Disclaimer

Although we endeavor to save all of your data we cannot guarantee 100% success. The quality of the information that you provide to us will greatly assist us in our ability to be accurate in saving your personal information. Client data that has been backed up will be deleted within seven seven business days of payment.  This is done for your data security.  Please contact us within seven days if you feel we have missed something prior to data deletion.  

Salish Sea Technologies Data Backup